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The project commander

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Aleksander Aleksandrov

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Our products

TAXI companies management system

Platform creation for taxi companies managment, which include:

- Functions for customer call processing, with subsequent order fulfillment control

- Customers blacklist maintaining

- Car and passengers location visual monitoring (in real time)

- Possibility to work with several independent taxi companies

- Car appointment to order optimization

- Integration into the taximeter system

- Flexible discounts system

- Billing to corporate clients

- Processing of financial interaction driver - company, drivers work day beginning and end registration

- Thanks to open architecture, the system is adapted to HALE electronics equipment, the world's leading manufacturer of taxi equipment. The right choise of the necessary and sufficient equipment for your company, will allow you to optimize costs and get the most out of system implementation

Automation of security companies

Our company offers dispatching service of security units automation, in addition to the usual functions of collecting and processing information from controlled objects, automation allows:

- Reduce "human" factor influence in the dispatching service work by automating the process of information exchange "console - patrol group"

- The introduction in the work scripts all employees established by the company's managers of the procedures for performing these works, the subsequent control over their full implementation

- Increase of guarantees of delivery and volumes of necessary information to patrol groups

- Patrols response results documentation (in text and audio forms) to the received information

- Keeping archives analyzing not only security technical means work results, but also, the movement of patrol groups and technical personnel, all negotiations by telephone and radio stations

These will allow user:

- To strengthen control over the patrol groups movement (GPS coordinates with time-related to the recommended routes and locations)

- Reduce the non-standardized use of vehicles

- Improve the quality and timeliness of maintenance of security and fire alarm systems at facilities

- Reduce costs (increase profitability and image)

Management system, sales and service of vouchers

The XVoucher system includes the following features:

- Certified Vending Machine for Vouchers

- Configuring the list of vouchers offered by the company

- The ability to create vouchers with both fixed amounts and with a specific tariff step

- Sale and service of vouchers through the HALE taximeter and driver application

- Automatic voucher accounting system

- Visual monitoring of sold and serviced vouchers

System of control, supervision and collection of information from the Microtax06 taximeter

The XTAXIapiLauncher system that collects information on trips from the Microtax06 taximeter includes:

- Provides saving of each receipt from the taximeter

- Provides saving data of the driver shift to the company database

- Allows to manipulate discounts, extra cost through a certified special library connected to a certified Microtax06 taximeter

- Taxi driver work control

- Visual monitoring of data on trips and shifts of both a specific taximeter and the whole company

- Generation of reports based on data from the system

- Ability to view Z reports on each shift of each taximeter

Order of purchase and installation of the taximeter

1. Payment counter and printer (see price below)

2. Receipt of the taximeter and printer in SIA "Optumplus"

3. Installation in a car service

4. Calibration of the taximeter in SIA "Optumplus"

5. Verification in Metrology

6. Registration in VID

Check taximeter

Check taximeter in EDS


Inner Documents



Calibration (preparation for verification or change of car)
30 €
Creating a manual tariff (no more than 4 working tariff steps)
40 €
Order tariff in HALE
100 € + VAT [Discounts: from 5 cars = 50 €; from 10 cars = 0 €]
Tariff change
30 €
Removal from the register
15 €
Add to register
15 €
Changing driver information in a receipt (footer)
10 €
Re-issuance of documents after the metrology center (replacement of the seal)
15 €
Changing receipt information (header)
15 €
Control program replacement in the taximeter
60 €
Control program replacement in the printer
30 €
Passport Duplicate issuing
15 €
Driver training of using a taximeter
15 €
VAT rate change
15 €
Taximeter passport amendment
15 €
Taximeter date and time correction
15 €
Taximeter buttons replacing
45 €
Diagnostics and repair of the taximeter / printer / XTAXI-system and other work
30 €/h. + VAT


250 € (200 € in case of return of the old taximeter)
250 €
Taximeter and printer bundle + setup + maintenance for a year
500 € Discounts: For customers with a passenger license issued outside Riga – 4% From 5 items – 5% From 10 items – 10% From 100 items – 20% Bundle + XTAXI system – 350 €
Taximeter wire
10 €
Printer wire
10 €
Taximeter and printer wire bundle
15 €
XTAXI MPI system wire
10 €
XTAXI CAN system wire
5 €
XTAXI POS system wire
10 €
XTAXI system wire bundle
20 €
MPI 1.1/1.2
60 €
MPI 1.1/1.2/2.0 XTAXI API system service *
9,70 €/month + for each processed voucher – 0,20 €/item. (80,00 €/year + for each processed voucher – 0,20 €/item to pay for the whole year)
POS terminal power supply
30 €
Paper axis-holder
2 €
XTAXI system
specify infomation by phone: 67255659
Vending machine XVOUCHER 1.0
350 €
500 € (detailed information on the system see above)
* IMPORTANT! To work with the XTAXI API program, you need a device (phone, tablet) with the Android operating system version from 5 to 9. The device must have a bluetooth function to constantly maintain communication with MPI. We do not recommend devices in the specifications of which there is a name MediaTek.

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